Dr. Greg Yuen


Free Taichi Classes

  • Free Taichi Classes

    Mondays and
    Wednesdays 5-6 PM

    Kapiolani Park
    near the archery range

    Saturdays 8-9
    Beach Park
    across from Buzz’s Steakhouse

    In addition, every
    second Wednesday and Saturday of each month Dr. Yuen will teach one of the
    following instead of the usual taichi form practice:

    • Taichi for Daily Life
    • Seven Elements of Chi Cultivation
    • Push Hands Practice
    • Daoyin Self-Massage
    • Yin and Yang of Food
    • Meditation
    • Natural Success Principles

    The public is invited
    to attend!

    Assistant instructors:

    Yukio Kinoshita, Richard Kinoshita, Joan Packer, Brandon Stone

    Bill Harwood, Errol Hopkins, Tina Dyer, Yukio Kinoshita, Fumie Tanaka

    Dr. Greg Yuen has
    studied with Master T. Y. Pang, Dr. Lily Siou, Master William C. C. Chen, and Master Qingchuan Wang. He teaches the Yang Taichi Long Form learned from Master T. Y. Pang, with some modifications.


  • Aloha!

    My practice of psychiatry believes in the power in each of my patients. You really are no longer "patients" because you are not just waiting patiently for life to happen; you are making it happen. You have to have faith in yourself to improve your health.

    With the proper professional guidance, you can lead a happier and healthier life.  This website will be giving practical solutions to your health problems. It is continually evolving and under construction.

    Check out the Psychiatry and
    Taichi sections to streamline your lifestyle for optimal health of your mind and body. Articles by Dr. Yuen are the intellectual property of Gregory E. M. Yuen M.D. Inc.








Thirty years of teaching taichi go into Dr. Yuen’s latest DVD creation. You will find a simple and systematic series of 20 exercises that capture the essence of taichi and aim to cultivate chi (qi), the body’s vital energy.

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